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Hold me.......

............................................make me a hummingbird again.

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Introductions are awkward! Just read my journal. You get a pretty good idea of my level of insanity from how I oscilate in my writings. =P But! Be informed, this is the main place I go to vent, so everything here is probably more exaggerated than how it tend to be in my off-line life.

And...if you're still wanting a general introduction, here's this: I refuse to believe that I'm actually 20 now. (In 2009.) I still play Pokemon when I can, and I am soooo easily amused. I love wind and storms. I'm a ravenous little girl with a high metabolism and an affinity for coffee. 3am is the best time for drawing and thinking.

I love soooooo many things in this world! All the simple joys, the bright days, the overcast, the colors of the trees and grass -- and cats! Mangos, friends, good stories and games...

But simultaneously, my heart is greived by how selfish, twisted, and cruel people can be. I actually do think about killing myself sometimes, to be honest. Yet I don't, and I just wait instead for some magic to pull me into Narnia or sweep me off to Neverland!

I long for adventure, and to fight battles that are clear!

All this muddled humanity, this game of society -- it's more than I can bear some days. Hence the retreat into simple pleasures, Pokemon, and dreams.

I'm also a hopeless romantic, especially when it comes to this one certain person...